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Pilonidal Sinus and Nonsurgical Treatment

Pilonidal Sinus is most frequently encountered in the coccyx region. It is more seen in males under 40 years of age and often in such occupational groups as drivers, soldiers and students. It generally occurs in the case of heavy density of hairs and with such factors as local micro traumas. In the case of those persons who, as a necessity of their occupations, are seated for a long time, the coccyx region is constantly left airless and moist and ingrowing of hair can start due to a micro trauma. A hair makes a place for itself by forming an abscess wall under the skin. As a result, sachets filled with pilonidal sinus are created.

Symptoms / Patient Complaints

  • Abscess
  • Pain
  • Feeling of a swell
  • Backaches might occur
  • Most patients assume it to be a simple acne
  • Flux occurs in many patients.

Nonsurgical Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Our Medical Center

  • All pilonidal sinus patients applying to our center are first examined in detail and they are informed about their disease and its treatment. Depending on the decision of patients;
  • For ensuring a hygienic environment, patients are taken to a special room for them.
  • After the preparatory stage, patients are taken to the sterile intervention room for a sterile intervention.
  • For intervention, local anesthesia is applied. The nonsurgical method which is decided for together with the patient is applied under sterile conditions. (5 to 10 minutes)
  • After the procedure, the patient rests in their own room. Then they return to their job or home on their feet.
  • The most important advantage for our patients is that they can learn the reason for their discomfort and return to their home comfortably after an intervention all on the same day.

Advantages of Nonsurgical pilonidal sinus Treatment

  • Patients can return to their job on the same day.
  • No narcosis or risk of narcosis. It is sufficient to numb the area by local anesthesia.
  • No surgery stress.
  • No wound care or frequent dressing is needed.
  • Probability of relapse is low.
  • Pain is minimal.
  • Scar is minimal
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