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What Is Hemorrhoid?

There are veins inside the anus and the pressure inside these veins increase for various reasons. The structure of these veins is suitable for expansion. So these veins expand in order to balance any increasing pressure and they move outside the anal area. This balls of extended veins are red-purple in color. They frequently lead to bleeding. Reason for bleeding is their penetration as they are damaged.

  • Hemoroid (Basur)

Hemorrhoid is classified into two as internal and external hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoid generally does not result in much pain or itching. Unless in a very advanced stage, its symptom is occasional rectal bleeding. In advanced stages, boobs can occur which extend out of the anus and which get back to their normal position by themself or manually. External hemorrhoid on the other hand frequently shows itself by pain and burning.

  • Hemoroid (Basur)

First Degree Hemorrhoid

There is no apparent finding and it can be diagnosed with the help of a tool named endoscope. It is a slight swelling 2 to 4 cm above the anus. Bleeding can occur if its surface is irritated. Often the only finding is sparse bleeding. The bleeding occurs with a fresh red blood. A hemorrhoid lobe is seen as a slight swelling on the upper side and it tends to bleed when it is irritated. They often do not cause any serious complaint other than occasional bleeding. The most effective and economic treatment is a laser treatment.

Second Degree Hemorrhoid

The hemorrhoid lobe is a wide swelled red area 1 to 2 cm above the anus. It is normally not noticed but it extends out in the case of staining and a patient can feel it by their hand. When the patient stands up, it is automatically pulled inside without the need for an intervention. Bleeding can occur and it might lead to bloodlessness in time. In the case of a violent stain, it extends outside of the anus too much and cannot get back. This results in a violent pain and it is called a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Treatment: The most suitable treatment is by laser or choking. These methods can be said to be nonsurgical methods. A patient can return to their job immediately after these procedures.

Third Degree Hemorrhoid

The hemorrhoid lobe is noticed as a swelling 1 to 2 cm wide. It extends out in the case of staining and is not pulled back if the patient does not help it by hand. It tends to bleed. Pain, itching, wetness and repletion other than bleeding are the mostly encountered complaints. Treatment: Laser or rubber band can be preferred depending on the extent of extending out.

Fourth Degree Hemorrhoid

A hemorrhoid the treatment of which is delayed will progress to advance stages. A fourth degree hemorrhoid is an advance hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid lobes felt outside do not anymore get back. As the hemorrhoids get outside when a patient is seated, complaints such as pain, general wetness, bleeding and lack of cleanliness can occur. Its treatment is surgical or nonsurgical stage-reducing methods.

Nonsurgical Hemorrhoid Treatment in Our Medical Center

All hemorrhoid patients applying to our center are first examined in detail and they are informed about their disease and its treatment. Depending on the decision of patients;

  • For ensuring a hygienic environment, patients are taken to a special room for them.
  • After the preparatory stage, patients are taken to sterile intervention room for a sterile intervention.
  • For intervention, local anesthesia is applied. The nonsurgical method which is decided for together with the patient is applied under sterile conditions. (3 to 5 minutes)

After the procedure, the patient rests in their own room. Then they return to their daily routines.

  • Hemoroid (Basur)
  • Hemoroid (Basur)

5 minutes before and after

Advantages of Nonsurgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

  • Patients can return to their job on the same day.
  • No narcosis or risk of narcosis.
  • No surgery stress.
  • Pain is minimal.

The most important advantage for our patients is that they can learn the reason for their discomfort and return to their home comfortably after an intervention all on the same day.

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