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Nonsurgical Fissure Treatment

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What Is Anal Fissure?

Majority of anal bleedings are caused by a hemorrhoid or fissure. This means the deterioration of the integrity of rectal muscles by a fissure or tear.

How Does a Fissure Happen?

  • It might occur in the case a rigid and bulky stool passes through anus (constipation).
  • It might occur in the case the rectal area is frequently used (diarrhea).
  • Fissures can result in the case bitter foods are consumed.
  • It is frequently encountered in women after a delivery.

Fissure Symptoms/Patient Complaints

  • Any fissure in the anal region, which is very sensitive to pains, leads to pain and which in turn leads to contraction of anal muscles. With the contraction, pain increases even more. This pain can last for a few hours.
  • Bleeding (it is brightly red.)
  • Itching (occurs in connection with the irritation in the anal region.)

In the case of a rectal bleeding, a specialist should certainly be consulted with. Treatment for hemorrhoid and fissure should be started after a certain diagnosis is made.

Nonsurgical Anal Fissure Treatment in Our Medical Center

  • All fissure patients applying to our center are first examined in detail and they are informed about their disease and its treatment.
  • For ensuring a hygienic environment, patients are taken to a special room for them.
  • After the preparatory stage, patients are taken to sterile intervention room for a sterile intervention.
  • For intervention, local anesthesia is applied. The nonsurgical method which is decided for together with the patient is applied under sterile conditions. (3 to 5 minutes)
  • After the procedure, the patient rests in their own room. Then they return to their job or home on their feet.

    Advantages with Nonsurgical Fissure Treatment

    • Patients can return to their job on the same day.
    • No narcosis or risk of narcosis.
    • No surgery stress.
    • Pains are significantly eliminated.
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