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Genital Wart

Wart is an infectious disease developing on skin and it seems like a skin tag. As it is communicable, wart is a very dangerous and risk-bearing disease.

The most important wart type among all is genital warts. They are vital. Genital warts develop as a result of the skin reaction of human paplilloma virus. Settling on any part of the skin this virus can be seen at any age. For treatment of warts electrocauterization, salicylic acid and laser are used.

Laser Treatment of Genital Wart

  • It is efficient.
  • It is painless.
  • It outstands as a method that gives immediate results.

Wart vessels and tissue are burnt and the tissue is eliminated. Elimination of the wart reduces also workforce loss.

  • Genital Siğil

Treatment of Warts at Our Centre

  • Patients undergo a detailed examination at our centre.
  • Then the patient is informed by the doctor about treatment method.
  • Treatment method is applied in sterile intervention room (approximately 5 minutes).

Advantages of Genital Wart Treatment at Our Centre

The biggest advantage for our patients is that they learn the reason of their complaint; after the intervention they can go home without any problem in the same day they applied to our hospital.

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